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Selaginella plana
Cypress Spikemoss

Selaginella plana - Cypress Spikemoss


Spikemoss is a primitive plant and although it produces spores it is not a true fern.  It is considered one of the fern allies in a genus that consists of 700 species.  Spikemoss loves the same growing conditions as ferns, so give it ample moisture, high humidity and shade.  They have scale-like leaves and most species are creeping plants that form dense carpets of soft mounds that love to sprawl between the rocks of waterfalls. Cypress Spikemoss is one of the larger varieties which grows 18-24” tall.  It has long branching stems that give it a fluffy appearance and is great for containers and hanging baskets.  Selaginella plana is less hardy than most of the other spikemoss being hardy only in zone 10 or warmer.  Put this Spikemoss in the garden during the warm months and it makes a wonderful house plant in the colder months.

Hardiness: USDA Zone 10
Plant Use: Groundcover
Exposure: Full Shade
Water Requirements: High

Good for shady locationsGreat for moist locationsthe Nile

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::Product Descriptions 2009 ::

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