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Lomandra longifolia
Breeze™ P.P.#15,420

Lomandra longifolia 'LM300' - Breeze™ P.P.#15,420
Photo courtesy of Celebrated Plants®

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Lomandra longifolia Breeze™ P.P.#15,420 is an improved fine-leafed, environmentally friendly, tough, shiny, dark green, compact form of Lomandra longifolia. Breeze™ has attractive sterile yellow flower heads in spring. This grass is one of the most versatile ornamental grass-like plant available. A great choice for mass commercial or highway plantings as well as an excellent specimen in garden beds, containers, and borders. A great alternative for shrubs, liriope, and groundcovers. This ornamental grass will thrive well in full sun to part shade and performs well in sand or clay soils. Extremely drought tolerant once established. Tolerates heavy frost and hot and/or humid conditions. Evergreen in normal winters to 15º F. Medium growth rate. 2-3’ high x 2’ wide. Space 2-3’ for optimum growth. Low maintenance. Plant Breeze™ no deeper than the existing soil level to prevent covering the crown of the plant. Once established, very little care is needed. Fertilize as needed with a slow release fertilizer. Container-grown plants will require regular watering; garden plants will require less water once established.

Hardiness: USDA Zones 7-11
Plant Use: Ornamental Grass
Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Sun
Water Requirements: Medium - Low

Great for sunny locationsDoes well in partial sun.Great for dry locationsLow to No Irrigation

Sizes: #1, #3 Check Availability

::Product Descriptions 2009 ::

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