Zinnia angustifolia x elegans ‘Profusion White’ Zinnia PVP Protected

The “Profusion Series” come in a variety of colors and have a vigorous habit with a strong basal branching making them an excellent landscape choice. Zinnia angustifolia x elegans ‘Profusion White’ has white flowers with yellow centers and a longer bloom season, from early spring to fall and requires no deadheading to keep them going, making it much easier to grow than other Zinnias. This Zinnia was awarded the AAS Gold Medal being one of the few white Zinnias proven disease resistance. ‘Profusion White’ resists powdery mildew allowing it to bloom continuously in the fall when other Zinnias deteriorate from mildew. ‘Profusion White’ makes a great filler plant, reaching only 18″ in height and spreading up to 12-24″ in a full sun garden. These Zinnias are great to use in mixed containers as well as in landscape plantings. Picked as an All American Selections® Winner in 2001.

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