Tagetes lucida Mexican Mint Marigold

Mexican Mint Marigold is a native to Central America and has small golden yellow marigold-like flowers. This Marigold will bloom from late summer to early winter providing show stopping color for fall. This is a great plant to put next to other fall bloomers such as Salvia leucantha. The foliage has a refreshing smell that is anise-like, reminds me of black jelly beans! Tagetes lucida has excellent drought and heat tolerance as well as tolerance to poor soils, but must be planted in a spot with good drainage. Mexican Mint Marigold can get 12-24″ tall and should be spaced at least 18″ apart. Tagetes lucida is part of our Plants For Texas® Program, meaning it was Texas Grown, Tested in Texas to perform outstanding for Texas Gardens.

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Plants for Texas: Yes