Salvia sinaloensis Bicolor Sage

Salvia is the largest genus in the mint family. This group of plants have approximately 900 species of annuals, perennials, and soft wooded shrubs. Their tubular flower can distinguish them in that they have two lips, the lower lip being flat but the upper lip is curved or helmet shaped. Many of the species have aromatic leaves and add a wonderful fragrance to the garden. Salvia sinaloensis is a perennial from Mexico that can reach 8-12 inches in height. This plant has both hairy stems and a hairy flower calyx. Bicolor Sage has small flowers that are nearly neon blue with white spots on the lower lip, the flowers contrast nicely with the burgundy tinged foliage. Salvia sinaloensis is part of our Plants For Texas® Program, meaning it was Texas Grown, Tested in Texas to perform outstanding for Texas Gardens.

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