Quercus macrocarpa Bur Oak

The slow-growing Bur Oak is a rugged, spreading deciduous tree that will become massive in size with age. The stems are characteristic to the Bur Oak being dark brown in color with lighter color corky wings, this is also true of the bark. The shoots are thick and hairy while the leaves are a glossy dark green with white hairy undersides. Leaves resemble a fiddle in shape and will turn a yellowish color in the fall. The Bur Oak is known for its unusually large acorns, hence the name macrocarpa, which get bigger the farther south it grows such as Texas, where it is native. Acorns can grow up to 2″ long and mature in one years time. Bur Oaks can reach up to 60-80 feet in height. The Bur Oak is a widely distrubuted plant, growing in a wide variety of climates and soils, including limestone.

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