Penstemon tenuis Gulf Coast Penstemon

Penstemon tenuis is a Texas Native found in and near the Gulf Prairies and Marshes of the state. It is for this reason that this Penstemon will do well where most will have trouble. Gulf Coast Penstemon is best for the hot and humid Gulf Coast area of Texas, it tolerates wet soils and seasonal poor drainage. In the Spring this Penstemon puts on masses of 3/4″ pink-purple flowers, and there is a chance for rebloom in the fall. Although it can handle full sun it performs best with partial shade. Penstemon tenuis can reach up to 18″ tall and should be spaced every 12″. This plant can stay evergreen or go dormant in the winter depending on the temperature. If you are looking for more, just let the flowers go to seed, this one readily self-sows, if not just cut off the blooms when they are finished.

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