Passiflora coccinea . Red Passion Flower, Red Grandilla

Passiflora coccinea is a showy flowering vine that is native to South America. Depending on how far north it is planted this vine can be evergreen to semi evergreen, it is not as vigorous as P. incarnata. The stems are very slender and smooth with a red to purplish hue. The leaves have large lobes and sport soft red to brown hairs. From midsummer to fall the Red Passion Flower will bloom, the flowers are outstanding, bright scarlet red with white, purple, and light pink colors on the corona. The flower can get 3-5″ in diameter, and are plentiful on the vine. After flowering a 2″ orange to yellow edible fruit is formed. At its max Red Grandilla can reach 12 feet tall with a 3-5′ spread.

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