Nassella (Stipa) tenuissima Mexican Feather Grass

A Texas Native grass from the Trans Pecos area, this grass is sometimes called Texas Needle Grass because of the hair-like leaves. The leaves are bright green and the grass grows in a clump, in the summer the grass will flower. The grass can get 1-3 feet in height and the flowers are somewhat taller than the foliage and are very fine in texture, looking very reminiscent to feathers. As the plant goes dormant in the summer the foliage will turn a straw color while the flowers will fade from silver to a golden color. Mexican Feather Grass needs a well drained soil to perform its best, this grass does not like wet feet. Nassella tenuissima will tolerate drought and limestone based soils. Nassella tenuissima is part of our Plants For Texas® Program, meaning it was Texas Grown, Tested in Texas to perform outstanding for Texas Gardens.

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