Lotus x ‘Amazon Sunset’ Parrot’s Beak P.P. #10,864

Lotus x ‘Amazon Sunset’ is a hybrid Lotus Vine from Proven Winners® and was selected as a Proven Selection®. This Lotus is a cross between L. berthelottii ‘Red Flash’ and a L. maculata seedling. What makes this Lotus so special? It does not require 40°F nights to bloom, this one can bloom with night temperatures up to 55-60°F, allowing us in the South to enjoy the beautiful Lotus. ‘Amazon Sunset’ is also different from other Lotus spp. in that it has a more dense plant habit, the soft orange flowers are more numerous, and the flowering period is longer. The flowers are very interesting, reminiscent of lobster claws, these go well with the silver fine textured foliage. Parrot’s Beak will grow 6-8″ tall and should be spaced every 8″. This is a great plant to use in hanging baskets, containers, and window boxes.

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