Ilex decidua

Ilex decidua is native to North America including Texas! This plant can be used as a large shrub or small tree when limbed up. In the wild most as seen as multi-stem shrubs. Because this Ilex is a native it can tolerate a variety of soils such as heavy clays and wet soil but does best in a well drained acidic soil. Possumhaw can reach 10-15′ tall at maturity with an equal spread. Ilex spp. are dioecious, meaning there are male and female plants, to ensure a show of berries a female should be planted. In areas with no wild population a male should be planted as well to help pollinate flowers for berry set. Plants flower in the spring, flowers are not showy. The beauty of this plant is the berries, which can range in color from yellow to orange to red. Late fall the foliage will drop and the berries will become very visible for a great winter show. The berries also provide a source of food for birds, the Mockingbird is particularly fond of them.

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