Acer x fremanii ‘Jeffsred’ Autumn Blaze® Maple P.P. #4864

Acer x fremanii ‘Jeffsred’ is a hybrid cross between A. rubrum and A. saccharinum that was selected by the late Glenn Jeffers of Jeffers Nursery in North Central Ohio. With this cross you get the rapid growth of the Silver Maple and the good branching and gorgeous red fall color of the Red Maple.  Autumn Blaze® Maple is a well balanced tree that has a nice round shape with large 5 lobed leaves and smooth white bark that will develop dark ridges as it matures.  Autumn Blaze® Maple is versatile being tolerant of clay, wet soils but can also stand drought conditions. Also this tree is not as susceptible to storm damage as the Silver Maple because it has superior crotch angles and branch habit.   It needs a large yard and makes an excellent street tree growing to 50 or 60 feet tall and 30 to 40 feet wide.

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