Acer x fremanii ‘Autumn Fantasy’ Autumn Fantasy ® Maple

Acer x fremanii ‘Autumn Fantasy’ is a hybrid cross between A. rubrum and A. saccharinum. With this cross you get the rapid growth and urban tolerance of the Silver Maple and the good branching and gorgeous red fall color of the Red Maple.  Autumn Fantasy® Maple is drought tolerant and tolerant of other tough growing conditions once established. The new growth of foliage is a reddish color that will fade to green with age. In the Fall the foliage will deepen to a ruby red color and the color will hold till frost, making this tree a show stopper! This is also a great selection for the South as it will have good fall color even in warmer climates. It needs a large yard and makes an excellent street tree growing to 45-50 feet tall and 35-40 feet wide.

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